How Communities Can Help

The first week, when a smoker is trying to quit smoking, is usually the hardest of all times. The trouble with quitting nicotine is that addiction to it is either more difficult or at par with cocaine and heroin when it comes to quitting. The substances like cocaine or heroin can cause a stronger high feeling compared to nicotine, but the addictive nature of nicotine is stronger than even these substances.

The addiction to nicotine is both physical and mental and while you can combat the physical withdrawal symptoms with the help of several quit smoking aids available in the market, the main challenge is to overcome the psychological withdrawal symptoms.

The acute phase is the first week and the symptoms that normally occur during this time persist throughout the entire withdrawal process. The withdrawal symptoms of nicotine can start sometimes as soon as 30 minutes after you have smoked a cigarette. This depends on how long and how heavily a person has been smoking.

Most of these symptoms include a craving for cigarettes followed by anger, anxiety, irritation and a reduction in mental functioning which causes attention problems and difficulties in completing certain tasks.

Communities which help you to quit smoking are often formed by ex-smokers themselves. This is the reason that these people understand what you are going through and why it is so difficult to quit smoking. They do not blame your will power or other parts of your nature for your addiction and will help you through the difficult times. Read more at myquitsmokingcommunity

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